Starting point to now

Everyone has a hobby that turned into something more.

Unlocking achievements was mine.

It started off as a hobby, but if you take a hobby to seriously it becomes something else. I started in late in 2011, completing games for fun and I had around 10 games with me for variety. After I finished Bully, I felt so satisfied getting my first retail 100% that I had to have more, so I searched for games that were easy to complete I got a couple of movie games like Narnia and luckily I already had Pirates of the Caribbean before because I liked the movie. After finishing those, I started to complete movie games that were available in my nearest gamestop.

I encountered games that would change my life. One of those games is Oblivion. At first I was really confused with the game. It looked a little old and boring at first but when I replayed it a couple of times and I finally left the dungeon. I was amazed by the lore and the world it was set in. This was one of the most satisfying games I played in my entire gaming career. 

Funny story: At first I didnt know you could fast travel in the game so I had to walk back and forth from town to town. I was really confused someone would enjoy walking from point A to B for 15 mins and vice versa for a stupid quest. It was really hilarious when I found out I can fast travel, even my sister laughed out loud when I discovered it.

Around that time I started to hoard games. Anything that was less than 10 hours to complete I bought. My back log at the time was more than 40 games. By the next year I had more than 100 in retail discs and around half that in arcade games.

It was insane, I had people ask me, "Have you ever tried Borderlands?". My usual response was, "I have it but haven't really got the time to start it". It was insane. I was also dividing my game time with  DotA, HoN and WoW.

The peak of my crazy achievement hunting was when I started to pay my sister to complete games. I believe I was paying her 2 CAD per completed game. It was really sad looking back but she didn't finish a lot of games. Thank god. She did finish a lot of  story games though, The first Assassin's creed and Mass effect 2 were 2 of her favorites.

Fast forward graduation, I was steadily earning achievements but I was starting to burn out. I had played a lot of terrible games just for the points and it was starting to get frustrating and boring. It really slowed down when I went to University. I was almost exclusively playing PC games because the servers were closing down for GFWL but I managed to finish Section 8, Gotham City Imposters and Dawn of War 2. Then I look a really long break, only playing xbox games if they looked interesting.

Then I moved back to South East Asia from Canada. It was a very easy decision for me since I didn't really feel like Canada was the right place for me. Gaming wise, I almost quit. I was so busy working at a collectible shop my dad opened up with me that I almost forgot I have an xbox. 

Managing the shop is really life changing, its like learning how to be an adult in 2 weeks. It was hard, but it was also fun. I did learn a lot of things and discovered a lot about the products specifically statues.

I stopped for around 6 months, unlocking a couple achievements here and there but not really completing anything, I also had no internet connection at home since I had just moved back, so I relied on a pocket wifi. I live in a condo pretty high up and the reception for these are horrible. I really had a hard time syncing the achievements to so a lot of achievements at this time were unlocked offline.

After a few months, I had started to play again but very limited achievement hunting since I left most of my games back in Canada, so I picked a couple of games from the stuff I bought online before. And tried my best to finish something, but I was really burnt out and treated this hobby as a chore.

During the year of 2015, I was really lying low only playing story games and a couple of multiplayer games for fun, but at the start of 2016 I bought an Xbox One and started to play again. I got a Xbox One Fallout 4 bundle so I've started Fallout and so far it is amazing, since I didn't quite enjoy Fallout 3

Right now, I'm starting to get back to the hobby again but it wont be serious.

Well, thats my whole achievement hunting career. Now, I try to document my unlocks and I make video guides sometimes. Check out my channel! Still figuring out a format, upload times and everything so stay tuned for more information!


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