Achievement log 1: BF4

Hello again!

This will be my first achievement log. I am still working on a format and everything so I will be trying out different formats in the next few weeks but here goes

I am almost done with BF4 on Xbox One and I've unlocked these 3 today.

This one isn't so bad because I'm already on my second run on the campaign. Easy using a sniper rifle.

 Based on other users on TA, there are 35 collectibles in the game but you'll only need 28 to get all achievements. I wasn't particularly going for them in my first run but I made sure to pick up guns I didn't have before and that made this one easy to get. Only had to to follow guides for 2 episodes for this to unlock

I found amazing guides from Maka, I'll link them below if anyone wants to check it out:

I'm also halfway through the Singapore mission, just having a hard time with the tank part. Kind of rage quit in the middle. Will try again tomorrow


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