Achievement Log 3 Finishing up BF4 for Xbox 360

Hi guys

Been busy stacking BF4 on Xbox 360 these last few days. So I've finished the first 3 or 4 missions on Easy, going for the collectibles and making sure to get the points achievements  per mission. Got the Sniper rifle at mission 4 and i started the campaign again on Hard. 

I also stopped getting collectibles once I got the 28 collectibles achievement since that will be enough to unlock the all collectibles one. If it does not unlock immediately for you make sure to start a random mission and it'll unlock 2 mins into the cutscene.

These are all the same as the Xbox one version so I didn't really have a hard time unlocking them. 

All I have left are the MP Handgun achievement which I'm around halfway and the rank 25 one. I'm around 17 or 18 now. The recent MP boost really helps since BF1 is almost coming out.

There are a couple more DLC stuff I have to do in BF4 since I have the China rising DLC. Not really looking forward to unlocking all assignments, but I have all DLCs on Xbox one so thats gonna take a long time to finish as well.

Thats it for this log. See you guys next time!!!


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