Achievement log 2

Hi guys. here is achievement log part 2 

I was just finishing up BF4 on XOne. Always a good feeling when you know you are a couple of hours away from finishing a not so bad game 

This is actually the last one I got before finishing up the base game for BF4

The Exp boosts actually helped me get this one, boosts from battlepacks and the incredible exp boost Dice is giving out just because the new Battlefield  game is coming out in a couple of months. 

Not too bad. Got a couple of extra thousand that the target. Made sure I got a lot of headshots using the sniper rifle just in case

Got it even before I got into the part where the tanks were so pretty easy. Did this along Wrecker on Easy difficulty. 

Hard mode is a piece of cake with a sniper rifle. Nothing really important to note about this achievement

 This one is a little tricky, Made sure to use the Claymores on the spots mentioned in the video by Maka. It'll give you 2 to 3 extra multikills.

There is one part in the beginning you can get a multi kill. When you hop in the elevator, you'll stop at the wrong floow. You can actually kill 2 enemies here that are in line and it will register as a multikill

Next, you'll want to use grenades to get those multikills inside the building (Roof and the next level oif the building after the wrong floor.)

Lastly, after leaving the roof and going to the lobby, you'll get 1 or 2 opportunities to get multkills. One is directly on the main door, You just have to time having 2 soldiers passing by each other. The other one will be when the helicopter will be roping down some infantry, try to throw a grenade where they will be hopping out.

Also started to finish up BF4 Xbox 360 version since BF4 XOne is still fresh in my mind.

Wasn't too hard to do while using collectible guides.

I'll be playing the Xbox 360 version for the next few days. I'll try to document as much as I can but I'll probably do a mission a day or something. Also will be buying deal of the week stuff tomorrow or the day after so ill be a little busy on those.

Will try to also list that down next post so you guys can see what I'll be playing next, Definitely getting EP 6 to 8 on Minecraft Telltale on xbox 360 and maybe BF hardline on Xone?


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