Achievement Log 3 Finishing up BF4 for Xbox 360

Hi guys
Been busy stacking BF4 on Xbox 360 these last few days. So I've finished the first 3 or 4 missions on Easy, going for the collectibles and making sure to get the points achievements  per mission. Got the Sniper rifle at mission 4 and i started the campaign again on Hard. 
I also stopped getting collectibles once I got the 28 collectibles achievement since that will be enough to unlock the all collectibles one. If it does not unlock immediately for you make sure to start a random mission and it'll unlock 2 mins into the cutscene.
These are all the same as the Xbox one version so I didn't really have a hard time unlocking them. 
All I have left are the MP Handgun achievement which I'm around halfway and the rank 25 one. I'm around 17 or 18 now. The recent MP boost really helps since BF1 is almost coming out.
There are a couple more DLC stuff I have to do in BF4 since I have the China rising DLC. Not really looking forward to unlocking all assignments, but I …

Achievement log 2

Hi guys. here is achievement log part 2 
I was just finishing up BF4 on XOne. Always a good feeling when you know you are a couple of hours away from finishing a not so bad game 

This is actually the last one I got before finishing up the base game for BF4
The Exp boosts actually helped me get this one, boosts from battlepacks and the incredible exp boost Dice is giving out just because the new Battlefield  game is coming out in a couple of months. 

Not too bad. Got a couple of extra thousand that the target. Made sure I got a lot of headshots using the sniper rifle just in case

Got it even before I got into the part where the tanks were so pretty easy. Did this along Wrecker on Easy difficulty. 

Hard mode is a piece of cake with a sniper rifle. Nothing really important to note about this achievement

 This one is a little tricky, Made sure to use the Claymores on the spots mentioned in the video by Maka. It'll give you 2 to 3 extra multikills.

There is one part in the beginning y…

Achievement log 1: BF4

Hello again!

This will be my first achievement log. I am still working on a format and everything so I will be trying out different formats in the next few weeks but here goes

I am almost done with BF4 on Xbox One and I've unlocked these 3 today.

This one isn't so bad because I'm already on my second run on the campaign. Easy using a sniper rifle.

 Based on other users on TA, there are 35 collectibles in the game but you'll only need 28 to get all achievements. I wasn't particularly going for them in my first run but I made sure to pick up guns I didn't have before and that made this one easy to get. Only had to to follow guides for 2 episodes for this to unlock

I found amazing guides from Maka, I'll link them below if anyone wants to check it out:

I'm also halfway through the Singapore mission, just having a hard time with the tank part. Kind of rage quit in the middle. Will try again tomorrow

Starting point to now

Everyone has a hobby that turned into something more.
Unlocking achievements was mine.
It started off as a hobby, but if you take a hobby to seriously it becomes something else. I started in late in 2011, completing games for fun and I had around 10 games with me for variety. After I finished Bully, I felt so satisfied getting my first retail 100% that I had to have more, so I searched for games that were easy to complete I got a couple of movie games like Narnia and luckily I already had Pirates of the Caribbean before because I liked the movie. After finishing those, I started to complete movie games that were available in my nearest gamestop.
I encountered games that would change my life. One of those games is Oblivion. At first I was really confused with the game. It looked a little old and boring at first but when I replayed it a couple of times and I finally left the dungeon. I was amazed by the lore and the world it was set in. This was one of the most satisfying games I played…